Leadership at the DNC

At the DNC, I represent DA at the Western Caucus, LGBT Caucus and Women's Caucus.
Since 2017 I have represented the Western States on the Executive Committee of the DNC Women's Caucus.

Advocating for the Uniting American Families Act, DNC Winter Meeting 2007

My first meeting at the DNC was as a guest, invited by DA DNC Rep Connie Borde. Bob Bragar and I shared about our work on immigration rights for same-sex couples at the LGBT Caucus and conversations that turned out to be very valuable in our advocacy work.

Connie gave me the microphone at the Women's Caucus, which led to an invitation to speak at the Young Democrats LGBT Caucus. There I met inspiring young leaders, one of whom later joined Democrats Abroad and was elected to the global Excom.

The start of the "New DNC"

Our first job in the 2016-2020 DNC term was to elect a new executive committee at the Atlanta Winter meeting. We organized webinars with more than 30 candidates, who got to know DA and how we get out the vote. The relationships established during the DNC elections led to Democratic Party leaders such as Pete Buttigieg and Michael Blake speaking at DA meetings in Berlin and Tokyo.

Elected to represent Western States on the DNC Women's Caucus Executive Committee

In October 2017 I was elected along with Neomi Martinez, Vice Chair of the New Mexico Democratic Party, to represent the Western States on the DNC Women's Caucus Executive Committee.

Being in a DNC leadership role provides  visibility for our issues. I was featured as a speaker at a DNC Women's Caucus meeting, which led to contact with Equal Rights Amendment advocates and DA ERA materials being used in Michigan.

DNC Team

I have had the honor and privilege of serving with an extraordinary team of DA DNC representatives.


DNC Meeting

We are truly more than the sum of our parts. Each of us contributes from our strengths.


DNC Leaders

Our team has made DNC Executive Committee members aware and supportive of DA's mission


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