Martha, you have been and will continue to be an amazing DA DNC Members and a great advocate for Democrats Abroad 🇺🇸💚🇺🇸   - Lissette Wright

Martha has been an integral part of the Democrats Abroad organization for many years and her work can really be seen in the strength of the DANL chapter. I’m very proud to endorse her for another term as Democrats Abroad Global DNC Representative. - Audrey Tolbert

I am more than happy to endorse Martha, from whom I have learned a lot. She works in quiet and low-key ways to build coalitions and allies, she has a solid understanding of policies, particularly those pertaining the LGBTQ+ community, and importantly, is able to "translate" those in clear and simple ways that help get people "on board." She has worked diligently and effectively over the last four years to raise DA's profile within the DNC and thus has my strong support for a second term. - Bob Vallier

It will be a joy working with you in another term. - Ken Sherman

Martha is a longtime friend whom I greatly respect and support for all the work she has done within DA. We also share a 4-year experience together 2016-2020 on the DNC. Martha is very effective as a Democrats Abroad delegate to the DNC. She's made many inroads with the DNC, making our presence felt, which is the real role of Delegate. May she continue on with a second term! - Connie Borde

Unequivocally supporting Martha! - Jim Mercereau

Martha has extensive experience in political advocacy and, as a long term DA member, knows how to advance DA’s platform to the Democratic National Committee. Her record in pushing forward DA’s issues and her work as a DNC member are solid and she deserves our vote. Lastly, she is kind, approachable and openminded. She will welcome your input and thoughts as she works with the DNC. -Stephanie Stewart

Martha will bring her vast DA experience and focus on LGBT rights as a member of the DNC - Mark Pendell


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